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Best Typing Master Software

DriverWe.com: Have you ever met someone who can type with 10 fingers, high speed, and can even type correctly even without looking at the keyboard?

I used to call them “The Master of Typing“. You want to learn to type 10 fingers quickly and accurately, here are 4 free typing software that can train you to be able to type like a master:

4 Typing Master Software For Windows

1. TypingMaster 10 Pro and Free Version

TypingMaster 10  is the best Typing Software. For Download and description, click link below:

TypingMaster 10 Pro and Free Version


2. StaminaTypingTutor

StaminaTypingTutor is my favorite learning typing software. When you practice typing using this software, then there will be text that “runs” and you have to type in accordance with the text that appears. If you type incorrectly, there are a number of “taunts” issued by this software, such as: “oye!”, “Uh-oh” or “I ‘ll be back – typical terminators”. This ridicule sometimes makes the heart hot and wants to try typing again without making a mistake.

StaminaTypingTutor has several choices of typing exercises, namely basic, digits, symbols, phrases, etc. If you don’t like the choice of these exercises, you can make your own according to your wishes by utilizing the features of the Lesson Editor.

Another additional feature that makes Stamina Typing Tutor my favorite typing software is that we can use the background image and background music as we want. It’s just my suggestion not to choose a slow background music. From my experience, a slow tempo music background often makes me less eager to type quickly.

The only drawback I found in the Stamina Typing Tutor was that there was no hand animation on the keyboard like I usually found in other typing learning software. Stamina Typing Tutor is suitable for use for those who already have a few basic typing skills, at least they already know the position of the finger used to type each keywoard letter.

Download the StaminaTypingTutor below




3. RapidTypingTutor

Not inferior to StaminaTypingTutor, this software can also train us to be able to type more quickly and accurately. This software has a colorful appearance, maybe the goal so that we can maximize our typing training process. Some think that there is a connection between the use of color in improving the memory of our brain when doing something.

RapidTypingTutor has a virtual keyboard that is equipped with hand movement animations, speed tracking and typing accuracy, and features that you can use to create your own lesson.

Even though the features are complete, I don’t recommend beginners to use this software. RapidTypingTutor is not equipped with instructions on how to type correctly, besides only from animated hands that move above the keyboard. This makes Rapid Typing Tutor only suitable for those of you who have intermediate typing skills, who want to improve your typing ability.

Download Rapid Typing Tutor below

Windows 64 bit


Windows 32 bit


Windows 64 bit (Portable)


Windows 32 bit (Portable)





4. Kiran’sTypingTutor

This is the typing software that is most suitable for beginners. Kiran’sTypingTutor provides a very complete intro on how to type the right technique, the right habits, and the right posture when typing. All these exercises can be useful to increase our productivity while at the computer and have to complete a lot of typing work.

Not only that, this software even provides various “warm up” and “flexing” exercises before starting the quick typing exercise.

Kiran’sTypingTutor is also equipped with a progress report that shows how high the accuracy and typing speed we have.

Unfortunately this application has a design that is still very simple. I also often find various problems such as a screen that always changes after typing in a word, and an error that appears when we type spaces after the last word. Though typing spaces after the last word is common when we type in the real world.

These things make Kiran’sTypingTutor inappropriate if used for intermediate users. But if you are a beginner in typing fast, this software is for you.

Download Kiran’sTypingTutor below




Which typing software should I choose ???

Maybe there are questions like that in your mind right now. If you are confused about which typing software you choose, here I will help you determine it:

  1. If you are still very beginner and want to know how to have correct and productive typing techniques, then choose Kiran’sTypingTutor.

  2. If you already have a few basic typing techniques, just practice with the StaminaTypingTutor.

  3. If you have intermediate typing skills and want to practice the speed and accuracy you type, please immediately use RapidTypingTutor.

  4. But you must try this typing software TypingMaster 10 Pro and Free Version

Hopefully this article about 4 fast typing software is useful for those of you who want to be able to type like a master! Please give us your best support, thanks

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