Driver Magician

Driver Magician

Driver Magician is an application for Windows PCs that can be used to restore, backup, delete, and update drivers. Using this application you can easily manage your computer drivers.

As we know, manage the drivers is not a job that is appropriate for less experienced users, therefore, to search for and install the right drivers You need special software.

One application that is designed to handle such a task is this one app. By using this app You can manage all the drivers the computer easily.

Features Of Driver Magician

1. To update the driver. By using this app You can update your computer drivers to the latest version automatically and manually, this app has a database the default drivers with the ability to go to the internet to find the driver that is compatible with the computer You use.

By using this application You don’t need to be complicated again visit the official website of your hardware manufacturer to download the latest drivers .

2. Back up and restore drivers. If You are worried the computer becomes problematic after updating the driver, You can back up the existing drivers first before updating.

With the back up driver, if the problem occurs after the update, You can restore the driver to its previous versions.

Interestingly, this application is also equipped with the feature to clone all drivers to a file .exe, so You can restore drivers without this app.

3. Remove the driver. In addition, with the feature to update and back up your drivers, this app is also equipped with the feature to remove the driver. If there are any specific driver that is not needed, You can delete them via this app.

Download Driver Magician – Latest

  • Latest Version: 5.4
  • Publisher: Kc Software
  • Operating System: Windows
  • Application Category: Utilities & Tools
  • License: Freeware

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