Exiso-GUI is a software solution that provides a Windows user interface which will allow you to extract ISO image files for XBOX 360. The program is able to support ISO Type XGD3 and will show the files contained by disc images.

Exiso-GUI offers a simplified user interface that makes accessible and easy to understand, offering improved ergonomics and a pleasant appearance. The program lets you pause and resume the extraction process whenever you want, also allowing you to save the files on your local machine, or on a FTP server. The $SystemUpdate directories will not be copied during the extraction process.

What’s new/fixed:

  • Update exiso.exe: extract-xISO V2.6.3, now supports ISO Type XGD3 (as amended by Aiyyo, version 2.7 of Somski is strongly discouraged because it suffers from some bugs on the FTP).
  • Simplification of the interface: improving the ergonomics of the interface and some cosmetic issues (tab order, button icons more explicit …)
  • Double click on an iso image from the list to view the files it contains
  • A single click on an item that already was treated returns to the right place in the extraction of logs
  • Can not copy directories $SystemUpdate when extracting
  • Possibility to make a pause during extraction
  • The default destination (local or FTP) is now saved
  • Creation of a setup file for those who have problems with missing files (DLL).

Download Exiso-GUI



Name Exiso-GUI
Developer Schmurtz
Product Homepage Exiso-GUI
License Free (Freeware)

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