Firewall App Blocker 1.6 Free Download

Firewall App Blocker 1.6 Free Download This Firewall App Blocker functions to block internet access that is automatically performed by a software installed on our computer. Not only software like games, sometimes we need to block all activities related to internet connection.

Especially for those of you who often install pirated software, of course the Blockir Firewall App will be very useful to avoid activating the activation of the software, as well as games, so this application will be very useful to handle this.


But you need to know, there are some software that cannot work properly if we block all programs related to the software with this firewall application, for example iObit booster driver, because this software works by taking Resources directly from the server. If we block it with a firewall, the software will not work properly.

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For the user steps it is quite easy, we just need to add which program we want to block. This application will automatically block programs that are in the form of .exe. So you will not feel confused to choose. Block all programs that are in the form of .exe, so that’s how it’s used.

What is New in Firewall App Blocker 1.6:

  • Fab Add a block rule unnecessarily Outbound and Inbound sections together
  • When adding a Block rule Fab, disable Firewall and enable it again
  • To block An application “Apply” button must be used (every time)
  • Some minor BUGS, GUI desing and much more.
  • Outbound and inbound lists separated
  • Block Process feature
  • whitelist feature mode
  • Add a folder feature (All exe in the folder will be Automatically blocked)
  • Block internet feature
  • Restrict Firewall Access feature
  • Disable Firewall feature
  • Resizable application window
  • Change the font feature
  • Status indicator feature
  • Firewall App Blocker X64 exe

Firewall App Blocker 1.6 Free Download


  • File Name: Firewall App Blocker
  • Version: 1.6
  • Size: 1.14 mb

How to Use Firewall App Blocker 1.6:

  1. Extract the downloaded file.
  2. Run the App blocker according to your Windows version.
  3. Please click File and select Add folder contents.
  4. Enter the installation folder directory program that you want to block.

=> Example: C: \ Program Files \ Adobe \ Adobe Photoshop CS6 (64 Bit)

  • Select the name of the software folder then click Ok.
  • Done enjoys full

See the picture below:

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