Genius G-Pen 340

Download Genius G-Pen 340 For Windows and Mac

Windows: 6,3 MB


Genius G-Pen 340

This site contains All Drivers Software; Driver For PC, Wireless Driver, Printer Driver and Drawing Tablet Driver; Like Wacom Driver and GeniusDriver. On this page, we give you Genius G-Pen 340 driver software. Hopefully it can help you.

Drawing using digital has several conveniences. Among other things, the advantage is the existence of “Control Z”. With this we can easily delete if there is an error. Unlike when drawing with non-digital, we must be extra careful not to make mistakes.

By using Drawing Tablet as a drawing media, especially Genius Drawing Tablet, we will feel like drawing manually, the difference between using Genius G-Pen 340 drawing will be easier.

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G-Pen 340 Specifications:


G-PEN 340


Active Area
3″ x 4″
Pressure Levels
2000 lpi (default)
System Requirements
IBM compatible PC with Pentium processor or faster
Available USB port
Windows 2003/XP/Me/2000/98SE
Mac OS 9.X, 10.2.6 or higher (for driver only)
At least 4 MB hard disk space
At least 64 MB of RAM
CD/DVD-ROM drive for software installation


3″ x 4″ working area for drawing and handwriting
Cordless pen has 1024-level pressure sensitivity for all kinds of thickness control
Great tool for marketing presentations; document annotation with bundled software
Supports Messenger handwriting function. Make Internet chatting unique.

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