GoodSync2Go For Mac, Windows and Linux


GoodSync2Go is a free application to synchronize all data stored on your hard drive to any device, or between two folders on one drive.

GoodSync2Go automatically syncs all your important files to USB, and can be installed and run directly from any portable device, such as a USB flash drive or an external hard drive.

In short, GoodSync2Go is a reliable and professional application that makes modifying existing files much easier, because it can recognize files in all types of folders or file storage media.

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GoodSync2Go advantages:

  • GoodSync2Go uses a powerful and up-to-date synchronization algorithm.
  • Able to find duplicates and change files automatically and show you the results of tracking.
  • GoodSync2Go supports all file systems.
  • GoodSync2Go does not have a size limit.


Download GoodSync2Go For Mac, Windows and Linux

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Mac: 25,6 MB


Windows: 42,8 MB




  • Name: GoodSync2Go
  • Version: 10.9.35
  • Date Update: 2019/06/28


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