Hotspot Shield Free With Crack For Windows and Mac

Hotspot Shield 9.2 Premium For Windows and Mac – Hotspot Shield is software to protect your device from the dangers of spyware & hackers when you are connected to the internet by browsing the web anonymously, hiding your IP so that it cannot be detected by anyone. Hotspot Shield is able to detect malware, make your browsing safe, protect privacy and close access to dangerous sites. WiFi users are advised to install this program on their device.

The browser that has installed this software will make an encrypted connection to the Shield server, turning all http traffic into safer https. This company ensures that your data traffic is safe and cannot be hacked by MITM (Man In The Middle) attacks or network spoofing. HotSpot Shield is highly recommended for those of you who care about privacy and anonymity in everyday surfing activities. And also securing your activities from hacker spies and cyber crime.

Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield 9.2 With Crack For Windows and Mac

For Windows: Premium


For Windows: Crack Only


For Mac: Free


For Mac: Premium


  • License: Freeware
  • Developer: AnchorFree
  • Operating System: Windows, Mac

Some Hotspot Shield Features:

  1. Protect you from online identity theft.
  2. Protect your browsing activity, data, online shop, and personal information online with HTTPS Encryption.
  3. Protect IP addresses to maintain identity online and private browsing.
  4. Access all content privately without sensors / Pass the firewall.
  5. Can be used for wireless or wired connections.

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