KeyLemon 3.2.3

KeyLemon was developed to change the way people link with technology. The industry leading face and speaker identification algorithms are perfect for direct user authentication, created internally from the ground up to be quick, seamless and convenient.


KeyLemon’s closed loop identification algorithms operate in real time for effective biometric based login, or constant monitoring without disquieting the user.


Identifying by vocal and facial characteristics emulates natural human interplay and enables verification without physical contact, at a distance or passively.


With KeyLemon’s leading edge eye blink identification and anti-spoofing technologies, speaker and face recognition can offer safe two-factor biometric identification.

Your identity is more than just a username or a number. With KeyLemon you are known by your voice and your face, the same way your family and friends recognize you. No passwords to lose, no keys to leave behind. Use the identity that follows with you everywhere, the one you were born with. Your face is singular, and everybody has one.


  • Well-organized and appealing interface.
  • Alternative authentication method.

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Name KeyLemon
Version 3.2.3
Developer KeyLemon Inc
Product Homepage KeyLemon
License Free (Freeware)

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