This is the typing software that is most suitable for beginners. Kiran’sTypingTutor provides a very complete intro on how to type the right technique, the right habits, and the right posture when typing. All these exercises can be useful to increase our productivity while at the computer and have to complete a lot of typing work.

Not only that, this software even provides various “warm up” and “flexing” exercises before starting the quick typing exercise.

Kiran’sTypingTutor is also equipped with a progress report that shows how high the accuracy and typing speed we have.

3 Software Mengetik Cepat untuk Belajar Mengetik Seperti Seorang Master

Unfortunately this application has a design that is still very simple. I also often find various problems such as a screen that always changes after typing in a word, and an error that appears when we type spaces after the last word. Though typing spaces after the last word is common when we type in the real world.

These things make Kiran’sTypingTutor inappropriate if used for intermediate users. But if you are a beginner in typing fast, this software is for you.


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