Mozilla Firefox 2020

Mozilla Firefox Mozilla Firefox is a fast browser with full features for Windows, which makes browsing more efficient than before. Firefox includes a pop up, a browsing tab that allows you to open multiple pages in a single window.

Mozilla continues to fix and improve their flagship product which is a browser with an open code known as Firefox. Which browser has the ability to explore several websites simultaneously while still adhering to web standardization that provides a satisfying personal experience and is also supported by enrichment and themes that have been created by the community to expand existing functions.

Improved services can be seen in the latest version of Firefox which makes this browser can not be underestimated as only a substitute for Internet Explorer and Google Chrome, but this browser can be an option for millions of users around the world.


Download Mozilla Firefox 2020

Download Mozilla Firefox For Windows 

Mozilla Firefox 32 bit – 47,3 MB


Mozilla Firefox 32 bit MSI – 47,7 MB


Mozilla Firefox 64 bit – 48,7 MB


Mozilla Firefox 64 bit MSI – 49,1 MB


Download Mozilla Firefox For Mac OS – 69,4 MB
Download Mozilla Firefox For Linux



=>Download Mozilla Firefox From Official Website

Mozilla Firefox

Previous Version:


Mozilla Firefox 32 bit


Mozilla Firefox 64 bit







The advantages of Mozilla Firefox

  1. Better performance and stability from the browser, although the appearance is still the same as the versions that have been there before.
  2. Website loading is faster and smoother than before
  3. Avoiding excessive memory usage, which is common in previous versions.

Mozilla Firefox Features:

  1. Live Bookmarks – RSS integration lets you read the latest news and read updates on favorite sites indicated.
  2. Extensions – add-ons that add new functions to your Mozilla program.
  3. Theme – You can change the appearance with new graphics and colors.
  4. Privacy and Security – Firefox keeps your computer and laptop safe from malicious spyware by blocking ActiveX.
  5. Plugins – Additional programs that provide more interesting complementary content.
  6. Equipped with a developer tool including JavaScript and CSS errors / console warnings, and an optional Document Inspector that provides detailed information about the page that was opened.
  7. To run Private Browsing, you can use it via the Firefox button and choose the New Private Window menu. Every time you use the Private Browsing mode the Firefox button will change color to purple. The advantage of using Private Browsing is that all activities, both history and cache, will not be saved, but on the other hand if you create a new bookmark it will be saved immediately

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