MSI Dragon Center

MSI Dragon Center

 Windows Разрядность Bit Дата выпуска Версия Размер файла[MB] Загрузить
Dragon Center 10 64 02.07.2021 542.14 Скачать
Dragon Center 10 64 2021/04/16 486.19 Скачать
2020/08/27 1.2.1910.3101 148.81 Скачать
Dragon Center 2 10 64 2020/05/20 2.6.2005.0601 141.14 Скачать

Official site

There you will find a brief description of the main functions of the program.

Gamers need to keep control over everything – the game, work at the computer, the battlefield. Dragon Center Utility is a new user-friendly game center from MSI developers that allows you to manage various settings. Let’s consider the main functions of the program.

To access the maximum number of settings, preferably a gaming laptop from MSI or that the system has the maximum number of components from MSI (a video card is required, a motherboard and peripherals are desirable). Also, not all games support all the functions of the program (for example, broadcasting game moments – there is about this on the office. Site).

Gaming Armory

Allows you to customize, for example, the look, size and color of the sight.

System Tuning или User Scenario

Allows you to customize your system for different operating modes: maximum performance, quiet mode or maximum battery conservation.

Real-time Assistant

Press CTRL + Tab and you get access to the volume settings, mouse sensitivity, system mode (System Tuning); it is possible to display the load values of the processor, video card, RAM, fan speed, ping and frame rate (FPS).

Game Highlights

The ability to save and share vivid gaming moments with friends by sending moments to youtube and other services.

** only available for APEX Legends, Leauge of Legends, Fortnite

LAN Manager

Shows the programs that use the Internet and makes it possible to configure the priority in network access for these programs.


Mystic Light

If you have a video card and other devices that support color management, then here you can configure the “magic light)”

Thus, from the Dragon Gaming Center utility, we can perform complete control of our PC.


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