Prism Video Converter

Prism Video Converter For Mac and Windows

Prism Video Converter is a free application for Windows PC which can be used to convert videos to various formats including 3GP, MP4, MPEG, VOB, AVI, and so forth.

By using this application, You can not only convert video, but this application also can be used to customize the various video settings such as changing the resolution, add water mark, to optimize the staining of the video and so forth.

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Features Of Prism Video Converter

1. Format video conversion. As we know, each device has support video format that is different, if You have a video format that is not supported by a specific device, You can change it to a supported format using this app.

There are lots of video formats supported by this application include 3GP, AVI, MP4. VOB, DTS, MKV, MJPEG, MPV, LVF, MTS and so forth.

2. video conversion in bulk. If You have a lot of video formats that you want to convert, You don’t need to be complicated to convert one video. Because, by using this application You can convert multiple videos at once in one time.

3. Adjust the video settings. In addition equipped with the feature to convert the video, this application is also equipped with features to customize the various video settings includes feature to compress or reduce the size of the video. In addition, there is also a feature to change the resolution, frame rate and so forth.

4. Add video effects. This application is also equipped with a feature that lets You add video effects such as watermarks, text overlay, filters, to the effect to change the coloring and brightness of the video.

5. Preview before converting. If You are worried the end result is not in line with expectations, You can do prantinjau video first to see the result before converting videos.

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Prism Video Converter


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