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PS4Emus is the best PS4 emulator for PC today. It was first released in 2013 and after more than five years of modifications, adjustment upgrades and the latest update (optimization package) it has managed to get the number of positive reviews and considered as the best PS4 emulator for PC.

This is why it stands first in the list, so here learn some more interesting facts about this PS4Emus emulator for PC:

  • PS4 Emus emulator is compatible with both desktop and mobile devices including Windows, MacOS, Android and iOS.
  • The best thing about this PS4Emus emulator is, it has an online service that includes PlayStation games so that one can download favorite games and play them online.
  • It also includes inbuilt support for
  • This PS4 emulator offers an admirable frame per second (fps) rate,
  • Also, its graphics and soundtrack are a bit different from what is available on the original console.
  • PS4 Emus hosts an online server that houses PlayStation games, and download favorite games from there and play them directly online.
  • PS4Emus comes with inbuilt support for BIOS, graphics, sound system and overall layout of PS4Emus-emulated games
  • This is also free of cost


  • PS4Emus is available for multiple platforms
  • This allows playing tons of games
  • Easy to install
  • User-friendly interface


  • You cannot connect to the PlayStation network


Download PS4Emus – PS4 Emulator

For Windows
For Mac
For Windows and Mac


How to Use:

You can easily set up the PS4Emus emulator on your computer, all you need is to download the software as per your operating system > run it as admin to install it.

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