PSPP For Mac, Windows and Linux – Best Analyze Sampled Data

PSPP For Mac, Windows and Linux

A tool which will help you easily analyze sampled data

PSPP is an advanced and powerful utility aimed at statistical analysis of sampled data. This application is a free alternative to the proprietary tool SPSS and comes with a set of similar features, with a few small exceptions.

PSPP is capable of performing a vast array of tasks, such as cluster analysis, descriptive statistics, linear and logistic regression, non-parametric tests, factor analysis, T-tests, and much more. The application’s purpose is to perform analysis with increased speed, regardless of the amount of data. You can operate the utility from it’s GUI, or you can use command line parameters.

PSPP is able to support over one billion variables and cases. You have the possibility to import data from a wide range of sources, such as spreadsheets, text files, or database. The application is able to open, edit and analyze multiple data sets at once.

PSPP features a clean and intuitive user interface supporting all the popular character sets. Multiple languages are supported as well.


  • Multiple platforms and languages are supported.
  • You have the possibility to import data from a wide variety of sources.


  • The application is not aimed at average users.

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official packages.

Version 2018-11-09
Developer pspp
Product Homepage PSPP
License Free (Freeware)

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