TotalAV AntiVirus For Mac and Windows

TotalAV AntiVirus For Mac and Windows

TotalAV is a powerful antivirus that keeps you protected from the biggest threats on the internet and can even help your PC run more smoothly.

Although the name is not as well known as some competitors like McAfee or Kaspersky, TotalAV still offers exceptional value as an antivirus package with fantastic features. I was impressed with the great performance of TotalAV when downloaded, and how comprehensive it was in scanning all files.

The most important thing for me regarding antivirus is how well a product can ward off malware, ransomware, spyware, and other attacks from my computer, and TotalAV passed this test. This company is still very young (less than two years), so it does not have a reputation like that of competitors, but the protection is suitable for any rival.

In testing, the antivirus finds every infected file and can quarantine or delete it, even though it takes time to complete. The security tool also scans for malware when you visit websites and checks for suspicious links.

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TotalAV Feature

  • Securely connect to the Web with VPN
  • Optimize your PC to run smoothly
  • Protect Your Privacy with a Powerful Tool
  • Ease of Use

Download TotalAV AntiVirus For Mac and Windows

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For Windows


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