Ugee EX05 Pen tablets

Ugee EX05 Pen tablets For Mac and Windows Download

Download Ugee EX05 Pen tablets For Mac and Windows: This site contains the most complete software drivers. You can find PC / Laptop Drivers, Printer Drivers, Wireless Drivers and Complete Tablet Drawing Drivers, such as: Ugee Driver, Wacom Driver and Gaomon Driver.


Make sure you have the latest Ugee Driver. Download Driver Software Ugee EX05 For Mac and Windows here. If there is a damaged download link, please contact us via comments or contact us. And please support us, thank you.


Ugee EX05 Specifications

Type Pressure-sensitive
Minimum System Requirements Windows XP or OS X 10.4.0
Model Number 6466033
Size 11.3 x 11.0 in
Active Area 8.0 x 5.0 in
Connection USB
Express Keys No
Multi-Touch No
Tilt No
Spare Nibs 8
Pressure Levels 2048
Wireless Support No
Resolution 4000 lpi
Pen Reading Speed 200 rps
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To download is very easy: First; Choose your operating system, and second; Click the download button.


Download Ugee EX05

Windows – 6,8 MB


Mac – 13,2 MB



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