Ugee HK1060 pro Pen tablets

Ugee HK1060 pro Pen tablets For Mac and Windows Download

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The Advantages of Ugee HK1060 pro

  • Extremely low price. Ugee HK1060 Pro’s biggest selling point is, of course, its low price. I’ve never stopped feeling like it was all part of some special promotion, even though I knew that was not the case. Recommended for artists on a very limited budget.
  • Reliable performance.I haven’t run into any performance issues so far. No lags, no bugs, no nothing. The tablet works well with every software I’ve tried.
  • Good build. A sturdy build makes Ugee HK1060 Pro an ideal choice for bringing it with you on a trip. Sometimes I doubt I could break this tablet even if I tried. The feeling when drawing feels smooth, yet I could also feel the friction of the pen as it simulated the sensation of drawing on paper.
  • Good range of features. The range of features is a cherry on top. From the change of orientation to 8 programmable express keys, Ugee HK1060 Pro graphics drawing tablet has everything that a digital artist will need.

Hasil gambar untuk UGEE HK1060 pro Specifications

Ugee HK1060 pro Specifications

  • Type: Pressure-sensitive
  • Size: 15.3 x 10.1 in
  • Active area: 10.0 x 6.0 in
  • Connection: USB
  • Express keys: Yes, 8 with application specific settings
  • Multi-Touch: No
  • Pressure levels: 2048
  • Wireless support: No
  • Spare nibs: Yes, 8
  • Resolution: 5080 LPI
  • Reading speed (pen): 230 RPS
  • System requirements: Windows XP or OS X


To download is very easy: First; Choose your operating system, and second; Click the download button.


Download Ugee HK1060 pro

Windows – 4,5 MB


Mac – 13,2 MB



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